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By: | Published: September 25th, 2013


How to cope with your roommate

Nothing crushes morale, ambition, and work ethic so quickly as a roommate that uses your dorm bed as a chaise lounge when all you want is to sleep. Bad roommates eat your food, never clean, are beyond loud, and don’t pitch in for communal items like toilet paper or dish soap. Short of locking them in a closet, here’s how to deal:

  1. Earplugs. These are especially useful if your roommate is keen on singing show tunes.
  2. If they steal your food, you’ve got three options. Be passive aggressive and leave a sad-face post-it note on their bedroom door, which never works; buy a mini-fridge and keep the good stuff in your room, which is functional but doesn’t address the larger problem; or go Jackie Chan meets Gandhi and peacefully remind them to only eat what they pay for. In other words, make your grievance known and follow up if the problem persists.
  3. Have a roommate that doesn’t pay or do their share? Don’t let it happen. Make new rules, like no communal items. As with food, institute a policy that people only use what they buy themselves. Make a chore chart. And if you’re in a dorm room, divide the room in half. Don’t let their stuff leak into your space.
  4. Don’t communicate via notes or email. They’re easy to ignore. Be present, be firm, be friendly. And always be vocal.
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