5 study tips for your midterms

By: | Published: October 1st, 2013


5 study tips for midterms

Now’s the time to start focusing on your midterms. Performing well on exams isn’t just a matter of being smart, it’s a matter of being prepared. Here’s how:

  1. Start studying as early and as often as you can. Don’t cram all night immediately before exams. Instead, study for shorter periods of time on a more regular basis. This encourages long-term data retention instead of temporary memorization.
  2. Study during daylight hours. Doing it at night means you’re probably doing it tired. Tired people don’t focus well or retain as much.
  3. Exercise before you study. Take a jog, ride a bike, or chase a squirrel. The movement will increase blood flow to your brain. Brains with blood in them work better.
  4. Study in different places. According to the New York Times, just switching study spots each time you study increases data retention. Come up with a routine. Hit the library, the coffee shop, your dorm room, and whatever study lounges you can find. The point here: variety is important.
  5. Know your ideal environment. If you study best in a group, find one. If you like your silence, skip the aforementioned coffee shop. Know how your brain works, where you can and can’t focus, and make the extra effort to find conditions you excel under.
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