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3 ways to make money from spring-cleaning

March 27, 2014

The best part about spring is the promise of better weather. The worst part is that springtime means spring-cleaning. But take solace in knowing that this year your efforts to get organized can make you money. Here’s how: 1. Organize your bookshelf Go through all the books you own, setting aside anything you haven’t read, [...]

5 online tools that save you money

March 20, 2014

It’s far easier to spend money than to earn it, which is why we’ve compiled a list of tools that will help you stay smart about spending. Check ‘em out: 1. Mint. Organize all your finances in one place — fast and for free. With Mint, you can see what you’re spending, how you’re spending it, [...]

5 ways to get a job this summer

March 13, 2014

Getting educated is hard work. Unfortunately paying for it is even harder. That’s why summer is a good time to replenish your bank account. And yes, we know it’s only March. But planning ahead is the best way to secure summer employment. Here are tips to help: 1. Apply early. There’s one mantra to remember [...]

7 songs to get you through midterms

March 6, 2014

Midterms are the worst, aren’t they? There’s so much studying and stress involved. Fortunately the British Academy of Sound Therapy put together a list of the most scientifically relaxing songs in the world. So kick back, unwind, and stay sane with this selection of songs that are proven to keep you calm: 1. Coldplay – “Strawberry [...]

7 hilarious product reviews from across the web

February 25, 2014

One amazing feature of the Internet is the ability to anonymously leave feedback on products and services. While normally used to encourage or caution potential customers, many creative pundits have written satirical reviews full of biting sarcasm that are downright hilarious. Check out 7 of the funniest below: 1. Flappy Bird Since the ridiculously challenging [...]