Nagging about college applications: a parent’s to-do list

parent and studentI’m nagging — it must be college application time again.

I thought that it would be easier the second time around. With son #2, I expected to be able to put Plan A into effect. You know, the plan where we work on college application essays all summer and have them signed, sealed and delivered by Labor Day. Son #1 didn’t complete his college applications until the last possible deadline. I was a nervous wreck! I thought that I had learned enough in the six years since then. However, summer jobs, band camps (plural), and practice all interfered with our best-made plans. Anticipate similar experiences if you have an athlete or student who commits massive amounts of time to practice, work, or volunteer activities each summer. How could I tell him NOT to work? He had the perfect excuse: he saved his money for college! In spite of his schedule, we were able to make some progress. (This is where nagging becomes helpful.) While he completed essays this summer, he narrowed his choices to four schools and selected the three teachers he wanted to write his recommendations.

Now you shift gears to waiting: waiting for the letters to come in with offers of admission. But don’t stop nagging yet– this is the perfect time to nag your student about applying for scholarships!


Applications and Admissions