College – and life – decisions

what to expectBy nature, I am an organized person with lists, plans and a disdain for procrastination. But with a divorce pending and a teenager who forgot to have a copy of his college transcripts sent to the college he wants to go to, things have slowed down on the plans for my son’s future. Scott and I have even discussed him entering the Air Force. Who knows at this point. It’s mid April, he hasn’t heard if he is admitted to our local four-year private college, and we just got our taxes done. So, I haven’t even been able to file the FAFSA yet. The biggest problem is that my soon-to-be ex-husband made more money last year than he expected and he had a huge tax bill to pay. That meant that our accountant didn’t get our income tax return completed till April 15.

I have a suspicion my son will be heading off to a community college his sophomore year because we won’t be able to afford a private college. The good news is that I will be able to be the “head of the household” once the divorce is final, and Scott will get more financial aid his junior and senior years for college because I’m not expecting to make a boatload of money in the next two years.

Life gets even more complicated because I am dating someone seriously right now which could end up in marriage in the next year. That’s a good thing, but that set hurdles even higher. If I marry him in 2010 too early in the tax year, then his salary will count toward Scott’s financial aid. That doesn’t make sense, but that’s how they do it. I’m just hoping that Scott continues working in the summer at the factory making quite a good salary. He has already been over there asking them if they have an opening. They have put him top of the list for call-backs. We’re crossing our fingers.

We’re also hoping that even with my separated husband’s extra revenues that that does not mess up Scott’s financial aid too much. I want my son to have a college education. I want him to succeed at whatever it is he wants to accomplish. But at 19, he’s not quite sure what that is. At least he has one year under his belt. He didn’t exactly like the private college he is at right now. But it did change him and make him realize that it costs bundles to put a kid through college. He’s already panicking about paying back the loans he had to take out.

I just tell him that that’s life. Most kids have loans from college and it will take awhile to pay off. I am up for a good job just this week. So hopefully, my finances will get better and I can end my worry about paying the bills and try to help Scott out a little more.

I’m learning to be more patient about Scott’s decisions and the time it takes him to make them. I am disappointed that he wants to transfer. I really liked the fact that he was at a small college. But I didn’t like the first college I went to either. So, I empathize. If he chooses the military, I just have a funny feeling he will not like that either. But he’s young, and he has some time to figure out what he truly wants out of life.


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