Financial Aid Articles

Information on student loans, financial aid, and planning for and managing college expenses.

From how to save for the cost of a college education to consolidating your student loans, you’ll find many resources here on all aspects of paying for college.

Learn about federal and private student loansinterest and APRchoosing the right student loanfor your situation, student loan co-signers, and the various types of loans available to you and your family to finance your education.

Read about making college affordable, using 529 plans and other tax-protected savings plans, and read tips on how to best save and borrow for a higher education.

Understand the federal financial aid process (in the United States) and how to qualify for government student loans.

Students can browse articles and information on how your credit, credit history, and credit score can affect your ability to obtain student loans. Learn how to manage your debt while attending college, or how to help your children manage their college finances.


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