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Are some loans better than others? Don Betterton explains.

Don Betterton discusses the hierarchy of loans and the proper approach to student borrowing with a group of parents of college students.


Are student loans an inevitable part of the college experience?

SimpleTuition asked a group of college students what their feelings about student loans and borrowing for college were. Check the video out to hear their comments and insights!


Choosing the right student loan for you

Monisha Perkash explains how to choose the right type of student loan for you, the differences between federal and private loans, and the importance of comparing your loan options. Always use federal loans… More »


College on the Cheap: defaulting on your loans

College on the Cheap’s street team went back out for some more interviews, this time asking students if they knew what the consequences of defaulting on their loans were. As it turned out,… More »


College Selection, Parents – College on the Cheap

A group of parents of college students discuss their children’s college selection processes, and reflect on how finances played a role in the final decision.


Control your freshman spending – you’ll thank us later.

Freshman year is a time when personal spending can get out of control – it happens to a lot of us. Don Betterton discusses with some college students what the most common freshman… More »


Creating a personal budget

In this new video, Don Betterton, financial aid expert and SimpleTuition advisor addresses the importance of having a personal budget. As a college student, it’s very easy to be excited by your new… More »


Do you have to pay back a grant?

College on the Cheap’s street team asked students if you have to pay back a grant – and refreshingly, almost all of them answered correctly!
Think you know the answer? Watch the video!… More »


Do you know what kinds of student loans you have?

College on the Cheap’s street team interviewed some college students and asked them a few questions about loans, including what the difference is between subsidized and unsubsidized loans, whether you should take out… More »


Do you need a cosigner for a private student loan? What do you think?

College on the Cheap’s street team asked students if they need a cosigner to apply for a private student loan. Not many of them knew – think you do? The answer might come… More »


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