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college searchBefore filling out loan applications and packing up to go off to college a student needs to decide where to attend college. Every year a new crop of high school students is faced with this decision. Do you go to a school nearby or travel out-of-state? Which is preferable public or private university? The type of school you ultimately decide to attend depends entirely on what you are looking for in a college.

With such an arduous process it’s best to get started as soon as possible. The winter of the junior year in high school is a good time to begin researching college. When selecting schools to apply to it might be helpful to set some parameters. What is too costly? Too far to reach by car? Is a school too small, too big, too urban? As you select your “wish list,” you need to set the parameters. Some of these considerations are geographic, some deal with the manner in which the school is funded and some deal with the size of the student population.

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Take your time to visit the schools you are interested in. College visits should start during the summer going into your senior year. But also, a student should try to see schools while they’re in normal session to get the real flavor of the place. Remember, keep your mind open to various options early on in the process–don’t exclude a school just because it doesn’t meet every single one of your preferences. When your list starts getting smaller, you can be more selective.

Above all, be sure that you’re prepared for the application process, but remember to keep your sanity throughout it all.

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