Where to Locate Your FAFSA School Codes

Employers’ top 7 interview pet peevesBy the time a prospective college student is ready to submit a FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid), he will need to know which school(s) he is interested in attending. FAFSA information includes private financial information and personal details and, for this reason, students must designate which schools are permitted to get a copy of their information. In order to designate a school to receive this information, a FAFSA applicant must enter the appropriate school code on the FAFSA.

Federal Student Aid has created a Federal School Code Search tool that allows students to quickly access this information. FAFSA applicants can use this tool to search by state or by specific school name (the tool pre-populates the academic year). For instance, an applicant interested in New York University can enter “New York” for state and city, as well as this school’s name. The first search result will be NYU and its six digit federal school code. In the alternative, a search for “New York” state alone will yield hits for all 459 schools that are eligible to receive data from FAFSA. In the alternative, students may download a Federal School Code list in Excel format.

Entering the correct school code(s) is only a part of the FAFSA application process. Federal Student Aid provides the following helpful tips for FAFSA applicants:

In order to complete a FAFSA, an applicant must enter at least one school that should receive her financial information. Applicants can list up to 10 schools. Schools should be listed according to the priority of interest (the number one pick listed first, and so one). Students who plan to apply to more than 10 schools are advised to complete the FAFSA with their top 10 school choices listed.

After the FAFSA is completed, the student will receive a Student Aid Report (SAR). The SAR will include a Data Release Number (DNR). A student who wants other colleges (in addition to the 10 listed on the FAFSA) to receive her FAFSA information should contact those colleges and provide them with her name, DNR, and Social Security Number. The school should be able to add their code to the student’s FAFSA and then receive an electronic copy of the SAR. There are additional ways to add a school; consult Federal Student Aid for more options.

FAFSA applicants are best advised to file their federal and state taxes as close to the opening day for filing as possible. Some schools have early deadlines for priority processing, which means that those schools want FAFSA information as early as possible from interested applicants so they can best allocate their financial aid resources. With the increasing number of students applying for aid, FAFSA applicants should focus on making their applications as accurate as possible as quickly as possible.

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