Revising the FAFSA: A primer for parents

revising the fafsaBack in November, when Aleks and Kat applied to our local university – the one they both most want to attend – I figured we’d spend a month or so in “wait” mode. Oh, how wrong I was!

We are STILL waiting – though rumor (i.e., the official status update page for the kids’ applications) has it that we’ll – er, I mean they’ll – be hearing very soon. As their friends have received acceptances and rejections, the wait has been harder and harder for Aleks and Kat. They want to plan their next year, from which classes to take to which dorm room accessories to buy. But until they receive official notification, they are on hold.

I, too, am on hold. I haven’t yet revised the preliminary FAFSAs that I submitted in January because, let’s face it, why do the work if they won’t get in?

OK, that’s not the real reason that I haven’t yet revised the kids’ FAFSAs. That’d be akin to negative thinking, which could (some say) affect reality, making my actions – or lack thereof – directly responsible if, by chance, they’re rejected. (Or, side-note, if one twin is accepted and one twin is rejected, which would, in their lingo, really suck.) The real reason I haven’t revised the kids’ FAFSAs yet is that I started a demanding new job and I simply haven’t had a chance. There – I have an excuse. Er… I mean a reason.

But I digress.

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