Do I Have to Apply for Financial Aid Every Year?

financial aidApplying for financial aid is usually an annoying and stressful process. There are a variety of documents and forms you need to fill out and supply, the forms are confusing, and the tiniest mistake could result in a delay in receiving your financial aid award. Once you submit your financial aid application and are done with the process, relief will wash over you, and you’ll suddenly feel a lot less stressed. Successfully submitting these aid application forms can feel like cause for celebration, but unfortunately, it’s not something you just do once and are then done with it forever. Contrary to what students might think, you have to apply for financial aid every year.

It’s pretty common for students and parents to wonder why they have to apply for financial aid for college every year. It’s a reasonable question, especially if your finances are the same year in and year out, and you wind up just supplying the same information in the required paperwork. But from the point of colleges and the federal government, it makes sense to require students and parents to apply for aid every year. The reason is simple: a family’s finances can change a lot from one year to another, and that can impact how much a student or parents are able to contribute to tuition costs. Colleges and even the federal government can see their budgets change from year to year, which can impact the availability of aid funds.

School-Related Changes

school-related changes

In addition to differences in income, students might also have different needs due to a change in the school they attend. The National Student Clearinghouse Research Center suggests that one-third of all students switch from one institution to another before they finally earn a degree, and each school they attend might come with a different price tag. If a student has to pay substantially more or substantially less after transferring, that will impact his or her financial aid award. Additionally, different schools have different financial aid programs, and if a student transfers, he or she could see different aid packages and awards on an institutional level (some schools might give out lots of grant aid, while others might not, for example).

Schools update the federal government on their financial standing annually, so the government and Department of Education can allocate federal financial aid funding to each school appropriately.

The Bottom Line

While filling out financial aid forms each and every year can seem like a hassle, there’s a good reason for it, and ultimately doing it will help you get a financial aid award that best meets your financial profile and needs. Though dealing with paperwork like this is never fun, this is just part of going to school.


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