Starting all over with financial aid

thinking aheadI’m still sorting through paperwork to get our taxes done this week. Running your own business means keeping track of every thing you buy, do, or sell. And the complicated thing is that I have to do my taxes as a couple with my estranged husband. Our accountant said we would be penalized big time if I didn’t do them with him for the last time before we get divorced. The law is complicated. If my husband and I separated in July, I could have filed separately. But it happened in September.

Our taxes have always been complicated with owning a farm. I just want to get them over with so I can fill out another FAFSA to see if my son will be getting much financial aid this year. The problem is that my son, Scott, doesn’t want to go back to the private college he is attending his freshman year. OK. Now things get more complicated. To fill out the FAFSA, Scott should have already been admitted somewhere else. Otherwise filling out all that information might just be moot. I keep trying to convince him to look inside himself and see what he can do first to try and fit in better at the college he’s already at now.

I transferred after my freshman year from one private college to another. I’m glad I made the switch. But my personality is so different from my son’s. He became a hermit his second semester. He needs to figure out if it is the college he doesn’t like or there is something about his own preferences and personality that can be changed to make this work. It’s a great college. It’s expensive and that worries him a lot. But the other private college he talks about going to is just as expensive. It’s much closer to home and I believe that is the attraction to Scott. I just know that I don’t want him to live at home next fall and go to a community college. If he chooses to go to a community college, then I truly want him to get a job and an apartment. I know my child. He needs to be away from his mom to grow up.

But if he transfers to a community college, then he has the same problem next spring. He’ll have to find a four-year college to attend. He’ll already have two years under his belt. It’s a hard situation of figure out what you want in life when you are only 19 years old. It’s also been a hard transitional period from having this loving family of four down to three.

Tax season has always been tough. But now adding in FAFSA and praying that he gets more money for college adds to the stress. My accountant said that once I am divorced this spring, then next year’s FAFSA will be a lot easier to fill out since I will be head of household and Scott can be considered my dependant. Hopefully he will also get more aid since I will be a single mother. It’s just weird how the government works and how colleges work. But you have to play the game, fill out all the forms and just sit back and wait for the information to come back. And then you scramble to figure out how to pay for the money you aren’t going to get.


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