African American Grants

collegeFinding aid to finance college education can be a difficult and lengthy process for anyone, but luckily, many organizations and institutions are now working towards promoting and providing college financial aid-like grants-to students of all backgrounds. Therefore, there are a number of African American grants that you may obtain.

Sources of Grants

African American grants are awarded by a variety of sources, ranging from the federal government to the various African-American advocacy groups promoting education in specific fields. Many private corporations also award grants to minority student populations. A few major sources of financial aid available to students of this ethnicity are the United Negro College Fund, colleges and universities dedicated to African-American education and federal and state grants.


The requirements for every grant program varies, but for most federal and state grants, grant disbursal is made on the basis of each applicant’s need. Other criteria may include academic excellence, commitment to a particular field of study, a certain career aspiration, or a particular geographic location or institution. Notably, grants may also be gender specific.

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