Grants for College Students

Financing a College Education

grants for college studentsIn today’s tough job market, having a college degree is an absolute must. However, getting a college education is easier said than done, thanks in part to the rising cost of tuition and other education-related expenses. An increasing number of students now seek government-sponsored and institutional financial aid in order to afford a quality higher education, including scholarships, work-study, student loans and grants for college students. Students prefer grants and scholarships over other types of aid because they are essentially “gifts” of money that do not have to be repaid, allowing students to pay for tuition and other expenditures so that they may graduate without debt.

Grants for College Students

Federal and state governments, in addition to various educational institutions and a number of private organizations, offer several grants for college students. Student grants for college are generally awarded based on academic achievement, athletic or artistic ability, financial need, or a combination of each. In order to take advantage of all available grants for college students, you should submit an application well in advance of the deadline. While applications for certain grants may vary, in most cases, students must fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (the FAFSA). The FAFSA is available online at

In order to avoid missing out on any funding opportunities, students should check for available options with the financial aid office at the college they plan to attend.

Alternative Financing Options

Due to the high number of applicants, there is no guarantee that you will obtain a grant for college. Furthermore, the amount awarded under many grants is limited and can only cover a portion of the total costs, which where private student loans come in. Student loans are available at low rates of interest and have flexible borrowing limits, so simply use our free student loan comparison tool to find out more about the available private student loans and select the one that best matches your needs.


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