College Grants for Single Mothers

single motherOf all of the babies delivered in the United States, one in four is born to a single mother, according to a report published by Ohio State University. It’s likely that these children will experience an intense amount of love and support from the mother that’s expected to raise that child, but the family faces some exceptional challenges that dual-parent families might not face.

For example, in a report produced by Pew Research in 2013, researchers suggest that a full 61 percent of unmarried mothers have a household income of less than $30,000. By contrast, only 19 percent of married women have the same low income level. In fact, married women are much more likely to live in high-income families, as 62 percent of them have household incomes of $50,000 or more.

Closing that income gap often means sending the mother to college, but since money is so tight in these households, paying full price for tuition might be an impossibility. Thankfully, grants for single mothers are available.

College Grant Options

Single mothers might qualify for grants available to any low-income student. For example, mothers who have very low income levels and a dependent child might find it relatively easy to qualify for federal Pell Grants that can help them to pay for college. Since they have a low amount of money coming in each month, and another person in the household to feed, qualifying for these programs might be relatively easy.

But there are some programs that are made specifically for single mothers with dependent children. Some programs limit the age of the child, and some work only in concert with specific schools. Parsing the rules is vital, so mothers can ensure that they’re applying for programs that they’re qualified for. By utilizing these secondary grants, along with federal grants, mothers might get the financial help they need to make the dream of college a reality.

Finding Help

This information gathering can take time, of course, but mothers who dedicate at least a little time to research may find out about programs that can provide a remarkable amount of financial assistance.

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