A Simple Idea: college can be affordable

At SimpleTuition, money matters. Even though it can't buy happiness or love, it can buy an education. But when high costs and poor financial planning combine, money becomes a barrier between students and their future—a barrier we're committed to busting down. Here's how we can help you:

Pay less

Our College Cost Adjuster tool lets you customize the financial aid award letter you received from the school(s) where you've been accepted. Interacting with and customizing the financial aid award reveals ways to save—for example, by borrowing less or realizing the real added cost of the "five year plan." Combine this with our tips on how to work with your school to improve your financial aid award, and you could find yourself feeling greener.

  • Typical savings: as much as $2,000 per year

Save on student loans

SimpleTuition's award-winning student loan comparison tool often saves students like you—and their families—several thousand dollars per year in borrowing costs by displaying the cost differences among private student loans. We reveal the nitty—gritty so you don't have to sift through the fine print all on your own. SimpleTuition can also help you evaluate the costs and benefits of consolidating your student debt, saving you even more.

  • Typical savings: as much as $5,000 per year (or more)

Buy cheaper textbooks and sell your used ones for more

Our Textbook marketplace, ValoreBooks lets you compare the cost of new, used, or electronic copies of books, helping you find prices you can afford. We'll even search rental copies from multiple providers. The best part? There's no longer a need to leave your campus bookstore feeling robbed. Then at the end of the semester use our service to sell your books and get some of that money back.

  • Typical savings: as much as $500 per year

Get deals on student purchases

You already eat, sleep, travel, own a computer, wear clothing, and entertain yourself. So why not save money while doing it? With SimpleTuition's student deal service, you get all of the savings and none of the sacrifice.

  • Typical savings: as much as $300 (or more) per year

Enjoy better banking

With SmarterBank® and SmarterBucks™ you get a unique checking account and revolutionary rewards program that work together to pay down your student loans faster. How does it work? You earn rewards on the money you're already spending—whether it's on groceries, gas, coffee, or whatever else—and we use those rewards to make extra payments on any student loan you choose.

More to come!

We have some very exciting new products and services up our sleeves for later in 2012. Let's just say the savings will stack up, and that with all the extra change in your pocket it's probably wise to get a belt. Stay tuned!

The bottom line

Our various mantras: persistence pays, money stacks, and it all adds up. When you combine these potential savings, you could save thousands off the cost of each year of college. So sign up on our website, compare your loans, and read our emails (virtual gold nuggets filled with tips and deals when you need them most). Also tell your friends. You'll get that warm fuzzy feeling from helping them save money too.

Disclaimer & fine print

These are estimates. We are confident in our ability to help you save at these levels, but individual experiences will vary.