Army Student Loan Repayment Program

Serving in the U.S. Army has its privileges and incentives. The Army provides many education benefits, the Army Student Loan Repayment Program (CLRP) being one of them. The Army will repay a portion of a student’s eligible school loans each year the student is on active duty and the the main aim is to recruit new Army members and to motivate them to serve by offering an opportunity to help pay off loans.

Repayment Specifications

Under this program, neither state nor private loans are covered. The amount of repayment is not provided until the person completes a year of service. On completion of every year for active service, 33.33% of the total outstanding balance is given to the person directly. For the Army Reserves, 15% of the total outstanding amount can be paid off each year.

Finding the Right Loans

In order to find out more information about the Army student loan repayment program, make sure that you research thoroughly and check with your school’s financial aid office. To make searching for an eligible loan easier, you can use our comparison tool, which will provide you with information regarding army loan repayment options. Compare and verify loan options and the various loan repayment options. Take note: find out about amount specifications, eligibility details and process of payments before applying for any loans.

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