Avoiding tempting scholarship scams

scholarship scams“Congratulations Eric! You have won a $35,000 scholarship for college. To start the transfer, please forward a $75.00 processing fee to…” Believe it or not, a letter such as the one depicted above actually came to my son this year. Obviously, an opening like this would be an eye catcher to be sure. Eventually though most people can see through a scam like this – hopefully! There are guidelines to follow to determine if a scholarship is indeed legitimate.

Students and parents need to protect themselves. Never pay a fee – why would anyone have to shell out money to process a scholarship application? Get plenty of information about the organization. If need be visit the web site of the Better Business Bureau (www.bbb.org) to determine if the organization is legit or not. Don’t fall for these ruses directed at parents and students. Do research and get the right information before proceeding.

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