Basketball Scholarships

basketball scholarshipsThere are many kids across the U.S. who dream of playing professional basketball in the NBA, but the number of players who make it is small. Despite the odds, many athletes still strive for this dream and the first step for them is to earn a basketball scholarship in order to play at a university or college.

In the past, it was more common that a college would send scouts to high schools throughout the country to find talent and watch certain players. This information would be written up and sent back to the coach, so the coach could determine if the college wanted to offer the student a basketball scholarship. Another way students get noticed by colleges is that the prospective students approach the school they are interested in playing for and attending. Students will talk with the coaches and show them a highlight reel of their basketball skills in hopes of being offered an athletic scholarship.

Playing basketball in college is much more different than basketball in high school. The players are bigger and stronger and the games are longer and faster. You will have to work harder to keep up with the size and speed of the game.

College coaches or scouts not only travel around the country looking for talent, but they also attend basketball tournaments and camps, such as those organized by the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU). Scouts are often evaluating players’ abilities so that they can give the coaches the best information about certain players.

basketballFurthermore, you will need to ensure that you keep up on your studies, earn good grades and score well on your college entrance exams. Colleges still need their students to study, no matter how good they are on the court. Therefore, if you really want to be considered for one of the many basketball scholarships available, you should become proactive and find those colleges and schools prepared to offer the same to you.

To help you, the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) can evaluate your grades and help you determine whether or not you are eligible to play. They may also help you find a suitable scholarship.


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