College Scholarships

A scholarship is a form of financial aid provided to students on the basis of their academic, athletic, or extracurricular abilities. Scholarships are just one type of aid awarded to students, in addition to educational grants and loans. The main difference between a scholarship and a loan is that a scholarship is a gift, or ‘free money’ – it does not have to be repaid to anyone. Scholarships and educational grants are a great way to finance a college education and have made it easier to obtain a higher education for thousands of students around the country.
Scholarships and other forms of financial aid provide students and families with a means of covering the ever-increasing costs of a college education. They offer easy solutions to financing a college education, and help the student to obtain a degree without taking on unmanageable amounts of debt.
A large number of businesses offer scholarships to prospective college students in an effort to help them to fund their undergraduate or graduate level education. To begin the application process, you should contact the college that you plan to attend, and ask for information about available scholarships. Additionally, you can talk to your high school’s college counseling office, and also contact various companies or visit their websites to learn about their college scholarships.

Privately Offered Scholarships

students at collegePrivate scholarships are offered by a number of colleges, private businesses, and individuals in order to help those students who are not able to obtain other types of financial aid. These scholarships generally cover the complete cost of tuition, allowing students to dedicate themselves to their studies and not be concerned about taking on debt. In some cases, the scholarship amount is directly handed over to the student who can then use it to pay for tuition at any college of their choice. Some of these college scholarships can also include a specific amount that is given to the student every month for living expenses and any other costs, so students no longer have to work odd hours to meet their basic expenses. As these scholarships are extremely substantial, they are also extremely rare: a student must be exceptional in a certain area in order to possibly receive a lucrative private scholarship, and it is not often that such scholarships are given out.


General Scholarship Information