Company Scholarships

company scholarshipsCollege tuition has risen considerably in recent years and continues to increase by 6 to 8% annually. That, combined with the turbulent economy, makes it difficult for many students (and their families) to afford higher education. Today, many students search for financial aid, especially since they cannot afford a college education on their own. Fortunately, there are a number of federal, state and private aid packages that offer financial assistance to students hoping to obtain a college degree. Indeed, company scholarships are funds provided by private businesses that are essentially gifts of money which can help pay for college tuition and related expenses.

What are Company Scholarships?

Company scholarships are specially designed scholarships meant to assist students who want to pursue a higher education. There are a number of businesses around the country that offer these scholarships, as some of the companies offer these awards as a part of their social responsibility initiatives while others do it as part of their promotion campaigns. Many of these scholarships focus on helping minorities, women and the disabled. The eligibility requirements and amount awarded under different scholarships vary. Some scholarships may require students to enroll at a certain college or in a specific field of study. Some of these popular scholarships include the Best Buy Scholarship, the Dell Scholars Program, and American Rhodes Scholars. The Best Buy scholarship has a value of $1,000 while the Dell Scholars Program has a value of around $20,000.

Benefits of Company Scholarships

Earning scholarships is a great way to pay for college tuition and living expenses without having to constantly worry about money. Moreover, unlike many other forms of aid, scholarships do not have to be paid back. And of course, the large pool of company scholarships available is another huge plus.

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