Dance Scholarships

dance scholarshipsDance, therefore is a serious discipline of study at almost every major school in the United States. There are several dance scholarships for budding artists and performers seeking to train themselves in the art form.

Of course, dance requires hard work, passion and determination. If you have these traits and want to take up dancing competitively then you may want to consider applying for performing arts scholarships, which are available this year.

The requirements of a dance or a performing arts scholarship will vary from award to award. However some of the general requirements may be:

  • The prospective student should aspire to pursue a performing arts major such as dance and they must be a full-time student in such a program.
  • The prospective student should pursue a degree that would lead to a career in the performing arts.
  • The prospective student should remain in good academic standing.
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Scholarships by Extracurricular Activity