Dean’s List Scholarships

student on deans listSome undergraduates strive to succeed in school because they hope to apply to prestigious graduate schools. They’ll need good grades to pass through the strict enrollment process these schools develop, and they’ll need to really nail the concepts taught in class if they hope to succeed in an even more stringent academic environment.

While academic success as an undergraduate is certainly vital for some students, those good grades could translate into even bigger benefits. For example, some students who excel in their studies could take home a dean’s list scholarship.

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Putting that Participation to Work

While public recognition, and a seal of approval on a transcript, might seem like enough of a reward, some students can get even more out of their nomination by signing up for a dean’s list scholarship. They’ll have to do a little extra work, but the results could be remarkable.

Typically, schools that offer a dean’s list scholarship ask students to pull together some sort of application packet. The University of North Texas, for example, requires applicants to provide:

While school-based scholarships can be beneficial, some students who participate in the dean’s list can also participate in nationwide scholarship programs. Some entities offer scholarships to any student who can demonstrate participation in a dean’s list, along with proof of ongoing academic prowess and satisfactory progression toward a meaningful degree.

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