Delaware Scholarship

student from delawarePaying for a college education can be a challenging task that often becomes extremely stressful for students already overworked with assignments and quizzes. However, there are many state-specific scholarships that may be able to help you meet your financial needs.

Scholarships in Delaware

Delaware scholarship opportunities are available to residents of Delaware and to those who wish to attend any one of the eight universities and colleges in the state. Scholarships for studying at these universities may be obtained from a number of sources, which is why it is important for you to explore them all.

Scholarships from the Federal Government

If you intend to pursue a degree in teaching, math or science and need financial assistance, then you may apply for need-based aid offered by the federal government. To find out if you are eligible or not, you need to submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).  In Delaware, the deadline for the FAFSA is April 15th; however, you need to double-check with the school you are applying to (they might have their own deadline).

Scholarships from the State of Delaware

The Delaware Higher Education Office (DHEO) provides assistance in the form of different financial aid options for students planning to take up postsecondary education. You can apply online for most Delaware scholarship opportunities offered by the state and for all academic scholarships and professional incentive programs, you need to submit the Common Merit Application, which is available in December a year before your year of enrollment. To apply for the Scholarship Incentive Program (ScIP), you must submit the FAFSA. Scholarships based on merit may require a certain SAT score along with proof of academic excellence in high school.

Scholarships from Colleges or Universities

Universities and colleges also have scholarship opportunities for students. The eligibility requirements vary, so you should contact the financial aid department of your college to find out about the various procedures and deadlines. In addition to the FAFSA, you will need to fill forms for the college. Private institutions may require the College Scholarship Service Profile to calculate your expected family contribution.

Private Scholarships

Scholarships from religious organizations, fraternities, civic groups, businesses, professional organizations and foundations also offer scholarships. They usually require an application, financial documents, personal essays and references.


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