Don’t risk losing scholarship money

scholarshipsThe seniors I teach on a daily basis have heard me continually ranting about keeping “on top of things” even though ‘you’ve been accepted at the college of your choice’. My own children have endured my constant harping and have endured it somewhat painlessly. Little did I know how prophetic my words would be until this past weekend when I learned that a senior who had already been accepted, put money down for housing, and had contacted potential roommates, had been denied a scholarship awarded early this past winter.

The reason for the renege – one of the stipulations of the monies for the scholarship was to maintain at least a B+ average during the last term of his senior year. With only weeks to go before graduation for this particular student, he decided that sleeping in was more important then keeping up his grades in his first and second hour classes.

Needless to say, his grade point slipped to a B-, and the sponsors of the scholarship have revoked his award. His parents are devastated, and he meanwhile is scrambling to find other monies which might make up some of his original scholarship total.

The point is, as a parent of a soon-to-be-college freshman, and as a teacher to many senior students, the harping I offer sometimes only have some merit when the HORRIBLE happens to some one they know, and until it does they seldom think it could happen to them. Thus tomorrow’s message during my first hour Expository Writing class, and at the dinner table will once again concern the merits of working very hard until the end of their senior year is completed, so the loss of scholarship money is not an issue.

financial aidBeing awarded any scholarship is tough enough to achieve, so it would truly be gut-wrenching to lose this money source because a student sort of ‘gives up’ after the acceptance letter has been delivered. My advice to both my son and my students is that it is imperative that all stipulations of every scholarship awarded be looked at more than once and totally understood, that kids don’t get a laissez-faire attitude at the end of their senior year, and that parents keep pushing their kids to finish the year strongly. After all, a scholarship is money WE don’t have to take out of our wallets-that is unless it is lost.

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