Easy Scholarships

essay scholarshipsIf you are one of the millions of students who want to pursue a college degree but do not have the necessary financial resources, know that financial aid is available to help you afford college-related expenses. Financial aid programs are offered by federal, state, institutional and private resources. They may have different criteria for eligibility and the award money in these funds also varies. You can benefit from funds in the form of grants, students loans and scholarships. Grants and scholarships award you free money while student loans must be paid back.

Types of Essay Scholarship Programs

essaySome of the popular programs in this category of financial aid include the Washington State Association for Justice’s American Justice Essay Scholarship, Growing Up Asian in America Art & Essay Contest and ALBA George Watt Memorial Essay Contest. Students can also apply for the FRA Americanism Essay Contest or IAPMO Scholarship Essay Contest to get money to help pay for college.

Finding the Best Scholarship Programs

To find the best essay scholarships, you should contact the financial aid office at your school or conduct some research on your own. Once you find some options, check out how much money each scholarship awards to students. Also, find out the application deadline for each scholarship so that your application is submitted on time.


General Scholarship Information