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engineering scholarshipsAffording a college education has become progressively harder over the past few years. With college tuition rising every year and an unexpected increase in living expenses, many Americans are finding it impossible to pay for a higher education. Thousands of students are at a risk of being unable to continue their education due to increasing costs and in order to address this striking phenomenon, a number of financial aid packages have been designed accordingly. Notably, these packages are sponsored by federal and state governments, educational institutions, private businesses and individual donors.

Student aid packages include student loans, education grants, work-study programs and scholarships. Scholarships and grants are preferred over other types of aid due to the fact that they do not have to be repaid. In other words, a scholarship award is a “gift” of money that can be used to pay for tuition, books and study materials and living expenses. The best part of being awarded a scholarship is that students graduate debt-free, without having to worry about paying back any money. Furthermore, being a scholarship recipient can also be advantageous in job interviews.

Engineering Scholarships

Engineers perform a wide range of vital functions, ranging from designing microchips in computers to repairing power lines to designing airplanes. This exciting field promises unparalleled career advancement and qualified engineers highly sought after throughout the world.

While an engineering degree may not be the end-goal for most students, a number of engineering scholarships are now available. These scholarships promise to make it easier for more and more students to complete an engineering degree. The criteria for engineering scholarships vary based on the sponsor or educational institution. Most scholarships are awarded based on merit, including academic achievement or athletic ability. Scholarships are also awarded based on financial need. Other types of scholarships include both career and subject-specific scholarships, which are usually awarded to students pursuing a degree in certain subfields of engineering. Additionally, a number of awards are available for students who intend to pursue graduate degrees and who plan to conduct research in engineering.


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