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epilepsy scholarshipsIn today’s day and age, obtaining a college degree is easier said than done. However, the continuous increase in college tuition, combined with an increase in living expenses and a turbulent economy have made it quite hard for average Americans to afford a quality higher education. In order to address this major problem, federal and state governments, educational institutions, private businesses and individual donors award millions of dollars in financial aid every year. Notably, financial aid often includes scholarships, education grants, student loans and work-study. Scholarships are preferred by most students over other types of aid as they do not have to be paid back to anyone. Simply put, scholarships are “gifts” of money which can be used to cover college tuition and other related expenses. The best part is that students graduate without any debt or financial commitment whatsoever.

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Epilepsy Scholarships

Epilepsy is a condition that causes recurring seizures when the brain sends wrong signals. Medication and other treatments can be used to manage epilepsy and people who experience this condition do go on to lead normal lives, including participating in community activities, holding full-time jobs and being enrolled in a full-time course of study. Coping with epilepsy does come at a cost and managing finances while trying to maintain one’s health can be hard thanks to high college prices. To help make the journey through college easier for people who have epilepsy, several epilepsy scholarships are available.

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