Fashion Scholarships

fashion studentFashion design offers one of the most exciting careers today. Being in the fashion industry is about creativity and harnessing your talent to produce a product that is both aesthetically pleasing and sellable. That is to say, fashion design combines not just the artistic abilities of an individual, but also business sense and the ability to connect with customers.

To help talented and motivated individuals seeking an education in fashion design, there exist several fashion scholarships that may help them pursue their careers in the field of fashion.

Generally the basic requirements for any such scholarships are:

fashion scholarshipMany scholarships are decided on the basis of competitions and talent level. The scholarship committee will require an applicant to demonstrate why he or she is deserving of the scholarship. Then, a scholarship committee will usually consider and judge talent from all parts of the country and come to a decision based on an applicant’s creativity, ability to learn, what the applicant can contribute via leadership ability and initiative. For merchandizing and fashion marketing, the candidate should have strong inter-personal skills, including above average communications skills and knowledge about the fashion business. Moreover, designers should have originality and potential as an artist.

If you intend to pursue a degree in fashion and want to use scholarships to help pay for school, it is always good to start planning early, to put together a portfolio and to work on those special skill sets you will need to set yourself apart from other applicant’s.


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