Scholarships for Twins

scholarships for twins

Twins share a secret bond that others just can’t understand. Some twins are so close with one another that they can finish their sibling’s sentences, and some twins even claim that they can communicate without really speaking to one another. Given the special bond that many twins have with one another, it’s not too surprising that lots of twins choose to go to college together. Not everyone is a Winklevoss, though, and college isn’t cheap, so for those twins who want to stick together and can’t row at an elite level, scholarships for twins might help make college more affordable.

Common Examples


The number of schools that offer twins scholarships is small, but those programs could provide a big economic boost to a set of twins. Wilson College in Pennsylvania, for example, offers a scholarship to just one set of twins each academic year. Both students must be enrolled, but one sees a 45 percent reduction in tuition for that year. The students who maintain their academic performance may keep their discount for four years, which adds up to an astonishing savings.

In Ohio, Lake Erie College also offers a scholarship for twins, and this program is quite generous. Here, both students are provided with a 50 percent discount on their tuition, as long as they stay enrolled on a full-time basis. This two-for-one deal could allow some twins to attend school, where financial problems might have kept them out in the past.

Financial Aid

Finding a Scholarship

Since twin funds are typically handed out by the schools, and not by some federal or local agency, it can be difficult for twins to find the scholarships they qualify for. Asking the school a student has chosen might help, but students who want to choose a school based on scholarship availability will need to do more digging.

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Miscellaneous Scholarships