Scholarships in Georgia

Scholarships in Georgia

Scholarships in GeorgiaResidents of Georgia looking to get a college degree may access a number of financial aid options, including student loans, grants and scholarships and a number of other awards. Scholarships in Georgia are available through the government, various educational institutions and a number of private organizations. Scholarship amounts, eligibility requirements and application procedures vary. Some scholarships are classified by subject, level of study, academic record, or ethnicity. The best way to find out about the available options is by contacting the financial aid office at the college you plan to attend.

Available Scholarships

If you meet all the eligibility requirements, you may be eligible for Georgia State University’s Carolyn McClain Young scholarship. These scholarships are available to students enrolled in a graduate degree program. Georgia’s HERO Scholarships are available to residents of Georgia who have served in the military, or who are family members of military personnel. This award can be used to fund undergraduate students. Additionally, API and Walter Harrison scholarships are available. Of course, it is important to ensure that you meet the eligibility requirements for a particular award, so make sure to check with the sponsor or financial aid advisor at your college.

Alternative Options

student-loans-neededScholarships and other awards may not always sufficiently cover your education-related expenses. In many cases, you may be on your own to cover the cost of living, meals, travelling expenses and other costs, which can add up quickly. In case you do not receive a sufficient award under a scholarship program, or if you fail to qualify, you can always borrow a private student loan.

Private student loans have flexible borrowing limits and are processed almost instantly, meaning you can get the money you need when you need it. Simply use the free student loan comparison tool on our website to learn more about the private student loans available in your area. You can compare these loans based on interest rates, repayment terms, borrowing limits and a number of other factors. This comparison tool is an excellent way to find the loan that best suits your needs so that you can make an informed decision for your future.


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