Indiana Scholarships

About College Scholarships

indiana scholarshipsIn today’s competitive job market, having a college degree is an absolute must for most entry-level positions. Over the last decade or so, the cost of college tuition has significantly increased, making it harder for average Americans to afford a higher education. In order to address this issue, federal and state governments, educational institutions and private organizations award millions of dollars in financial aid ever year. This includes scholarships and grants, work-study and student loans.

What are Indiana Scholarships?

Indiana scholarships are available to residents of Indiana enrolled in a recognized college or university. These scholarships are highly sought after, as they do not have to be repaid. In other words, these scholarships are essentially “gifts” of money that help students pay for tuition, books, other study materials and other education-related expenses. Students who are awarded scholarships usually graduate debt-free and without any sort of obligation.

Indiana scholarships are awarded based on the proposed field of study, academic performance, special talents and skills and financial need. The eligibility requirements for each scholarship vary; generally, students are required to maintain a certain GPA and meet the required attendance record each semester.

In most cases, a student’s college application is automatically considered for the available scholarships; but in some cases, a separate application may be necessary. As such, it is best that students consult with the college admissions office or financial services center about the available scholarships and the application procedures.


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