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international studentFor some students, staying close to home is a vital part of the educational process. They’d like to take a break from communal living on a weekly basis (and perhaps do a little laundry and load up on home-cooked meals at the same time), or they’d like to skip dorm life altogether and live at home with their mom and dad while they work on their degrees. But sometimes, students feel an urge to get away and do something completely different. When the urge to travel hits, international scholarships can help students to fund their dreams.

Help for Foreign Students

While most countries provide wonderful institutions of higher learning, some people believe that a degree from an American institution comes with just a bit more shine. As a result, some students choose to travel to the United States in order to obtain their degrees. This is a particularly popular choice for students who hope to obtain degrees in fields concerning math and science, according to an analysis published by Forbes, as 70 percent of full-time graduate students in electrical engineering programs in the United States were from other countries, as were 63 percent of those graduate students studying computer science in American institutions.

Scholarships for students like this might come from the schools themselves, particularly if these institutions hope to boost their enrollment rates and keep their programs full to bursting. But there are some scholarships provided by governmental agencies, both in the United States and in the country in which the person is a resident.

Help for American Students

studentWhile many foreign students come to the United States to study, there are some American students who hope to enrich their learning experience by traveling to another country. They may hope to hone their language skills, or they may want to observe the methods that another country’s teachers might use in order to teach the subject matter a student has been working with at home.

Some students apply directly to colleges in other countries, and they use a mix of local and foreign sources of loans and scholarships to pick up the tab. But some students just dabble in foreign travel, and they might also need assistance from a scholarship.

According to research published by NAFSA: Association of International Educators, about 1 percent of all American students went abroad to study for academic credit through an American institution. These students likely went through their school’s study abroad program in order to travel, and they likely needed the help of scholarships to fund that work.


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