Journalism Scholarships

journalism scholarshipThere are many students who wish to pursue a journalism degree. However, because of the prevailing, tough economic conditions, many students are finding that there is a shortfall in the amount of financial aid that has been awarded to them and the amount they need to pay for their studies.

The starting point for most students would be to submit their FAFSA with the Department of Education (DOE). Once processed, the DOE will advise the student on what types of financial aid the student is eligible to receive based on their financial circumstances.

Students should calculate how much is needed to proceed with their studies. If federal financial aid is short of the amount they need, students will need to consider their options: leave school, take out a private student loan, or find scholarships.

loansLoans do help you pay for school, but they have their downsides, especially because they need to be repaid. Also, if your financial circumstances turn for the worse, then you might have difficulty repaying the loan.

Scholarships fall into two categories: college-specific scholarships and those offered by private organizations or individuals. College scholarships focus on one college and the students wishing to study there. Some are offered by the college itself and others are offered by local businesses or individuals. (Your preferred college will have a list of those scholarships available.) There are also a number of journalism scholarships available to students from private sources that are non-college specific. Examples of this kind of scholarship include the Journalism Center of Children and Family, the Knight International Press fellowships and the National Press Foundation fellowships.

If federal aid and scholarships are still short of the amount you need and you still wish to pursue a journalism degree, then you should consider taking out a private student loan. Take note: our website has a loan comparison tool that will help you find a private loan to help you pay for school.


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