Journalism Scholarships

Long Island University - C.W. Post StudentsAccording to U.S. News, it’s a great time to be a journalism major because the Internet has opened up the opportunity for writers to become an expert on nearly any topic. Further, social media has created a forum where writers can develop an audience without even being linked to a media employer.

Best Schools for Journalism

According to Education Portal, the following are some of the most popular undergraduate schools for journalism:

Whichever college journalism students attend, one important consideration is whether to study print or broadcast media as some schools divide the major between these two fields. While journalism is an academic discipline, it is also akin to a trade; majors will indeed need to practice their craft in order to best hone it. For this reason, students may consider factoring location into their choice of school to ensure that they receive the best internship and summer job opportunities.

Journalism Scholarships

In addition to federal and state financial aid, scholarships are great sources of funding for undergraduate journalism degrees. Scholarship sources include:

According to U.S. News, the following journalism-specific scholarships may be available:

In addition, journalism students should consider the following scholarship opportunities. While not exhaustive, this list is a good sample of what’s out there both for entering freshman and current college students:

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