Scholarships in Kentucky

go-to-schoolStudents looking forward to attending college in Kentucky have access to many scholarship options, which could help them meet their educational expenses. Scholarships in Kentucky may be obtained from many sources such as the federal government, the state government of Kentucky, universities, private organizations or even individuals.

Federally Administered Scholarships

Federal options are mostly the same for colleges in all states. These scholarship programs are administered by the federal government and provide opportunities for students who excel academically but need financial assistance. Some scholarships target minorities in order to promote higher education in that group. All students need to fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), which assesses how much funding they need for financing their education. Once you know, you will be in a better situation to assess which scholarships to apply for.

Other Scholarships in Kentucky

The following are some other Kentucky scholarships that students may explore:

The President’s Scholarship

The President’s scholarship provides funds to all colleges that are part of the Kentucky Community and Technical College System (KCTCS) and is meant for academically excellent students who can prove they need financial assistance.

Commonwealth Scholarship

This scholarship program is for residents of Kentucky who make up the top 10% of the graduating high school class and also those who are current or previous year’s high school valedictorians. These students must demonstrate financial need in order to be eligible.

The Kentucky Colonel’s Better Life Scholarship

Two Kentucky Colonel’s Better Life scholarships are awarded each year to students pursuing a KCTCS associate degree. This scholarship is for students who are single, working parents with children under the age of twelve. Again, students need to demonstrate their financial need in order to be eligible. The scholarship may be renewable for the second year.

Kentucky Migrant Scholarship

Eligible candidates include current graduating high school students in Kentucky, students with a GED in the same academic year, or students enrolled in a migrant education program in Kentucky. Applicants also need to be accepted into a two-year or four-year technical school or college and send in two reference letters along with their application. The award amount varies from student to student.


Scholarships by State