Latino Scholarships

About College Scholarships

latino studentThe days when a high school diploma was more than enough to get a good job are long gone and today, a college degree is essential for every well-paying, respectable position. Getting a college degree is easier said than done and with the costs of college tuition continuing to rise, many students are looking for alternative financing options. Federal and state governments, educational institutions and a number of private organizations offer financial aid through scholarships, grants, work-study and student loans. Scholarships are sought after by most students since they are essentially “gifts” of money that do not have to be paid back to anyone.

Types of Scholarships for Latinos

latino scholarshipsScholarships and grants for Latino students are available through federal and state government resources. Some of the most popular scholarships for Latino students include the Jose Marti Scholarship Challenge Grant Fund. Under this program, students enrolled at a public or private college or university in the state of Florida can obtain scholarships.

In the state of California, the William M. Ortega Scholarship Fund is disbursed to Latino students enrolled at UCLA, whereas scholarships are available under the Diversity Achievement Award to students at Oregon State University. Outside scholarships are also available for Latino students and include the HSF Air Products Excellence in Engineering Scholarship Program, The Gates Millennium Scholars Program, HSF Association of Latino Professionals in Finance and Accounting Scholarship Program and the HSF Wells Fargo Scholarship program.

These scholarships have different eligibility requirements and application procedures depending on the field of study, a student’s academic record, leadership skills, other talents and financial need. Students are advised to check with their college admissions department or financial services office to find out more.


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