Louisiana Scholarships

louisiana students Over the past few years, the job market both in the United States  and around the world has drastically changed. Today, a college degree is an absolute must for most well-paying, respectable jobs. On the other hand, college tuition has significantly increased and has continued to rise each year, leaving many students and families without the means to afford a higher education. In order to address this issue, federal and state governments, educational institutions, private businesses and a number of other organizations award millions of dollars in financial aid, including scholarships, grants, work-study and student loans which are designed to help students pay for tuition, books and study materials and other expenses. Scholarships are preferred by most college students as they are essentially “gifts” of money and do not have to be paid back to anyone.

What are Louisiana Scholarships?

If you are a resident of Louisiana and want to pursue a post-secondary education, you can use Louisiana scholarships to help pay for tuition and other education-related expenses. These scholarships are awarded based on field of study, academic record, special talents or skills and financial need.


Scholarships by State