Montana Scholarships

Montana StudentsScholarships are one of the best types of financial aid. This is because they are considered to be free money for college – you are not required to repay these awards. If you are looking for funds to finance your education, you should explore this option first so that you can focus on your education rather than worrying about money. States, institutions and private resources offer a variety of scholarship opportunities and they can help you pay for tuition, books and living expenses.

What are Montana Scholarships?

Montana scholarships are financial aid opportunities that are meant for students who are from this state. Through these funds, students who reside in Montana can get money for college and turn their dream of a higher education into a reality.  Each scholarship may have different criteria for eligibility and award amount. Some of these funds are offered on the basis of need while others are designed for students who demonstrate academic excellence. Also, there are scholarships for students who are good at certain sport or demonstrate exceptional talent in performing arts (music, dance, acting, or arts).

Types of Montana Scholarship Programs

Montana ScholarshipsStudents in Montana can apply for the Drug & Alcohol Abuse Prevention Essay Contest Scholarship, the Fort Peck Tribes Scholarship Program, or the Heidelberg College Out Of State Grant.  The Montana Federation of Garden Clubs Scholarship, UMW Arnold and Cora Benson Scholarship, EMU National Scholars Program, as well as the JSU Alabama McGee Scholarship are also available to help students finance their education. Other options include the Northwest Osteopathic Medical Foundation Scholarship, the Pride Foundation Scholarships and the MSLP Governor’s Best and Brightest Scholarship.

Applying for a Scholarship

As the criteria for eligibility in each program varies, you should review each scholarship individually to know if you qualify for it or not. You must also check out the deadline for each scholarship so that you can apply on time and have a chance to win the scholarship.


Scholarships by State