Native American Scholarships

native american scholarshipsNative American scholarships assist Native-Americans in attending college. The need for scholarships arises because many students need to bridge the gap between the amount they are likely to receive from their financial aid and the costs of their studies. If they wish to continue going to school, students have to start considering other funding sources, such as private student loans or scholarships.

The notion of taking out private student loans can be difficult because if a student is poor, the likelihood of he or she getting approved for a loan is small. After all, loans are generally based on the concept of repayment or security. If a borrower is a poor, the chances of being able to repay the loan is slim. In such circumstance, it is unlikely the borrower can even offer a co-signer, as the co-signer will be unable to provide additional help.

The above information should not discourage you because there are a number of scholarships available for Native-Americans. These include the Bois Forte Band of Chippewa Scholarship, the Stan Beck Fellowship and the Choctaw Nation Scholarship Advisement scholarships, to name a few.

As with any scholarship, you should carefully read and consider the requirements to ensure that you are eligible to apply. You should also carefully note the application deadline.


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