Scholarships in NC

About North Carolina Scholarships

Scholarships in NCIn recent years, the costs associated with attending college have significantly increased and as a result, a large number of students look for alternative means of financing their degrees. Students in the state of North Carolina have access to a number of financial aid packages, including scholarships, grants, loans, work-study and more. North Carolina scholarships are made available to state residents and those attending accredited colleges and universities in the state. Most students prefer scholarships over other types of aid since these do not have to be repaid to anyone; in simple words, a scholarship is “gift” of money that can be used to pay for tuition, books and other study materials, as well as other education-related expenses.

Applicants for scholarships in NC must be permanent residents of North Carolina and may be asked to provide proof of residence. In addition to this requirement, various awards may be available only to those who have an outstanding academic record, exceptional athletic or artistic abilities, or financial need.

Alternative Options

loansThe sheer number of applicants for scholarships in NC means that there is intense competition between the applicants. Therefore, you may not receive a scholarship that does not sufficiently an meet all of your expenses. In this situation, you can always apply for a private student loan; such loans are processed almost instantly and have flexible borrowing limits.

The Student Loan Comparison Tool on our website will help you find out more about the options available and you can sort loans based on interest rates, monthly payments, borrowing limits and more. This comparison tool is an excellent way of making an informed decision and choosing the private student loan that best matches your particular needs.


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