Scholarships in Nebraska

Scholarships in NebraskaThere are plenty of state specific scholarship programs that you can apply for; namely, Nebraska Scholarships are for those who reside the state of Nebraska and are either thinking of or have just entered college. These scholarships come from a number of different sources:

Federal Financial Aid for Nebraska

Federal financial aid is available for students on a basis of need. In order to apply, you need to fill out and submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), which will help determine the scholarships you qualify for. The state of Nebraska does not have a deadline for FAFSA but you should check with the college you apply to for deadlines in case they require the FAFSA application to be submitted by a specific date. The earlier you submit this application the better, especially because of competition from other applicants.

Nebraska State Scholarships

You can also apply for a Scholarship in Nebraska through the Access College Early (ACE) Scholarship Program, which covers the fee and tuition at specific colleges and universities in the state. In order to qualify for the ACE scholarship, you must either qualify for financial assistance on basis of need under the federal government or you or your family must have experienced recent hardship. However, before you apply for an ACE scholarship, you should check whether the college you are applying to is part of the program by going to the official website of the organization.

Individual University and College Scholarships

Another option is to look for scholarships offered by the university or college itself. For this option, you need to contact the financial assistance office at your school. In most cases, scholarships are granted on either need-basis or merit-basis, but other qualifying features may include ethnic background, leadership qualities, special abilities, or a particular major. Mostly, merit-based scholarships can be applied for through the admissions office; you just need to indicate that you will require a scholarship on the admission form to be considered for it. Some colleges have a general form for all types of scholarships, which need to be filled out along with the admission form. You need to ask the admission office for information about scholarship requirements.


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