Scholarships in Nevada

Scholarships in NevadaLuckily, the state of Nevada promotes education by offering many scholarships in Nevada that enable both in-state and out-state students to attend colleges and universities in the state. Scholarships may be coordinated by the Nevada State College System, the Nevada State Treasurer’s Office and the Western Interstate Commission on Higher Education. Some of the most popular scholarships in Nevada are:

The Nevada Millennium Scholarship

Also known as Governor Quinn Millennium Scholarship, this scholarship provides college funding for the academically strong residents of Nevada who plan on pursuing a four-year undergraduate degree. It is administered by the Nevada State Treasurer’s Office and the eligibility requirements for the scholarship include a GPA of at least 3.25 in high school. Applicants also need to have completed all the courses as required by the Nevada Millennium scholarship, which provides funding for the main part of a student’s tuition fees.

The Regents Award Program

In the Regents Award program, students are helped to find some community services work while they also attend an undergraduate college. This program is specifically designed for students who demonstrate financial need that requires them to work along with their studies.

The Greater Nevada Credit Union Scholarship

This scholarship, worth $1,000, is awarded to 15 Nevada residents each year who have completed high school and want to enroll in a college program. Applicants should be members of the Greater Nevada Credit Union with a good academic record and should show involvement in the community and school. The application requires students to submit written recommendations from their school and the community they have worked with.

There are many more scholarships in Nevada for students who wish to pursue post-secondary education. Simply browse our website to find out more funding opportunities for your college education.


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