New Jersey Scholarships

new jersey studentIf you reside in New Jersey and want to pursue a higher education at one of its colleges or universities, then you can finance your education through financial aid. There are various funds that are granted by the federal and state governments and private institutions that can help you have money for tuition and related expenses, including grants, loans, scholarships and more. With the help of these awards you can easily pursue a college degree in an affordable way. Student loans are accompanied by an interest rate and you need to repay these funds. Grants and scholarships are free money, meaning you don’t have to pay them back, which is why it is best to explore these funds before trying to obtain other financial aid options.

What are New Jersey Scholarships?

New Jersey scholarships are awards that are available for students who want to enroll in a college or university in the state. These funds are offered based on different criteria, such as ethnicity, financial need, social service, extracurricular activities, leadership potential and more. Different NJ scholarships have different award limits. To apply for these funds, you must complete the FAFSA.

Types of Scholarship Programs

new jersey scholarshipsStudents in NJ may obtain ethnicity-based scholarships such as the St. Andrew’s Society Scholarship. This program is designed for learners of Scottish descent. The Donald Malcolm MacArthur Scholarship is another program students can strive for. There are also some programs that are meant for a particular vocation: the Winston E. Parker Scholarship, which is intended for those majoring in forestry and landscape architecture.  The Health Careers Scholarship is another program that is designed for students pursing programs in healthcare. Extracurricular activity related scholarships are also available for students in New Jersey and include programs such as the Frank D. Visceglia Memorial Scholarship, the New Jersey State Golf Association (NJSGA) Caddie Scholarship, the Buddy Pelletier Surfing Foundation Scholarship and more.

Finding the Best New Jersey Scholarship Programs

You must explore all available New Jersey scholarship programs in order to find the one that best suits your need. Check out the eligibility requirements and the award limit of each program. Compare your options so that you may choose the one that best suits your needs.


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