New York Scholarships

new york scholarshipsIf you reside in New York and want to pursue a college degree, then you may benefit from many New York scholarships and other sources of funding your college education, like grants and student loans. These sources can help you cover tuition, books and living expenses. Notably, grants and scholarships are offered on the basis of either need or merit, merit meaning academic or extracurricular excellence. Students may also be eligible for student loans based on their exhibited need and credit history. The difference between loans and other forms of aid is that while you must pay back student loans, grants and scholarships are essentially free money.

Different New York scholarships come with different award amounts and their own set of eligibility criteria. Like most states, the first step towards a scholarship in New York is filling out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), which determines a student’s need for funding.

Finding the Best Scholarship Programs

Students looking for an award through which they can obtain the maximum amount of money should explore all of their options. They should also be clear about how much funding they require so that they can look for an award accordingly. Take note: it is vital to research each option in detail so that you may compare them when figuring out which one is the best.


Scholarships by State