Ohio Scholarships

About College Scholarships

Ohio ScholarshipsCollege tuition has been increasing steadily over the past few years, leaving many students and families unable to afford a higher education. Thousands of brilliant high school graduates are unable to attend college simply because they cannot afford it. This is where financial aid comes in; financial aid programs are designed to assist students and families pay for college tuition and other related expenses. Financial aid includes scholarships, which are essentially “gifts” of money that allow students to afford a college education. Scholarships do not have to be repaid and so they are highly sought after by college applicants. Scholarships are awarded by federal and state governments, as well as a number of private organizations.

What are Ohio Scholarships?

Ohio scholarships are special scholarships available to Ohio residents enrolled in various degree programs. These scholarships are awarded based on several factors, such as area of study, financial need and merit. Merit-based scholarships take into account a student’s academic achievement, athletic or artistic ability, or other special talents.

Types of Scholarships

A large number of Ohio Scholarship are offered, including competitive scholarship programs, Presidential Scholarships, Provost Scholarships, Medalist Scholarships and National Buckeye Scholarships. Students may also benefit from Scholarships for National Merit, National Achievement and National Hispanic Scholars, as well as Land Grant Opportunity Scholarships, Distinction Scholarships, Trustees Scholarships and Excellence Scholarships. In most cases, students are automatically considered for available scholarships when they apply for admission to college.


Scholarships by State