About Oklahoma Scholarships

oklahoma scholarshipsWhile college education is becoming more important each day, tuition fees and other college expenses are increasing simultaneously, meaning many students and their parents can no longer pay for college from their pocket alone, which means they have to rely on other sources of funding for college education. Scholarships are gifts of money given to exceptionally talented students or to those who are able to display their financial need. In Oklahoma, scholarships are available to state residents and to those attending accredited colleges and universities there.

Available Scholarships

Scholarships in Oklahoma include a number of government-funded scholarships in addition to institutional awards and scholarships sponsored by private businesses, non-profit organizations and individual donors. Some of the scholarships students in Oklahoma may be eligible for include:

Alternative Financing Options

In some cases, a scholarship may not sufficiently cover all of your educational expenses, or you may not qualify for an award, which where private student loans prove helpful. In fact, these loans allow you to borrow as much money as you need to pay for tuition, books and other related expenses. You can use the Student Loan Comparison Tool on our website to find out more about the available options and to choose the loan that best suits your needs.


Scholarships by State