Pharmacy Scholarships

pharmacy studentsEvery year, thousands of pharmacy students graduate with the hope of a bright future ahead of them. Most of them, however, would not have become pharmacists had they not qualified for a scholarship. Scholarships, unlike other forms of financial aid which may have to be paid back, are essentially gifts from a college/university or organization and they promote pharmacy studies to the brightest minds in America. Scholarships are not easy to earn, since they are generally merit-based and given to those with high GPAs and standardized exam scores.

General Requirements for Pharmacy Scholarships

While each scholarship may have its own specific requirements, the following list may serve as a general guideline for those looking for pharmacy scholarships:

  • Enrollment Requirements. Scholarships may be awarded only to full-time pharmacy students.
  • GPA Requirements. These scholarships are merit-based awards, generally granted to those with a specific GPA.
  • Pharmacy Scholarships. Only U.S. citizens and permanent residents are eligible. Overall, leaderships skills and other extra-curricular activities are usually favorably looked upon when applying for pharmacy scholarships.

Scholarships for Pharmacy Students

pharmacy scholarshipsScholarships may not have to be repaid, but searching for the best pharmacy scholarship is a part-time job. Luckily, SimpleTuition has great news for those searching for pharmacy specific scholarships: simply visit the website and make use of the scholarships widget, which will list all those pharmacy scholarships which you qualify for. This widget will save you time and may bring the good news earlier to you than others. Once you know which scholarships to apply for, simply pick the ones that suits you best, complete the paper work and continue with your studies to find scholarships to help you pay for college.


Scholarships by Major