Physical Therapy Scholarships

Physical Therapy Scholarships

Studying physical therapy is extremely worthwhile, as doctors ultimately refer patients to physical therapists. Notably, physical therapists help their patients by applying various rehabilitation techniques, all designed to help heal or restore the patient’s strength, motor skills, or recover from another physical ailment.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates that in 2010, the last time a survey was taken, the average wage of a physical therapists in the U.S. was approximately $76,000. The same agency indicates that over the coming years the demand for physical therapists is likely to grow by 39%, which is a staggering amount when you consider the average growth in industries is around 15%. Therefore, physical therapy appears to be a good choice of career.

Physical therapists can be found in hospitals, healthcare clinics, or sometimes they set up on their own.

Many students have difficulty paying for school and physical therapy students are no exception. Without a financial plan in place, students find themselves in financial difficulty, which is why there is often a disparity between the amount needed to pay for school and the amount of money a student has or can obtain.

Most sources of funding come from financial aid packages that students are eligible to receive and they are normally presented to students after their FAFSA is processed by the Department of Education.

If the financial aid offered to you is not sufficient, you should consider applying for one of the many physical therapy scholarships that are available. Some are offered by colleges while others are offered private organizations such as foundations or trusts. Examples include the American Occupational Therapy Foundation and the Frieda J. Behlen Occupational Therapy Scholarship.

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