Psychology Scholarships

Psychology ScholarshipsPsychology students, like most others, often find it difficult to pay for their education. The courses can prove hard and time consuming, but with the additional burden of the financial strain, it is not surprising that some students drop out.

Most students start off the financial aid process by submitting a FAFSA with the Department of Education. The result of this application show what types of federal financial aid is available for the applicant.

The issue, for many, is that there is a shortfall between the amount of federal aid the student can receive and the amount that is needed to pay for school, especially when taking into account living costs and study materials.

If the financial aid offered is not sufficient, then there are two possible options a student can make to get more money: apply for a private student loan or apply for various scholarships. Psychology scholarships are available to those students who meet the requirements. Often, there are very strict deadlines for scholarships, so make sure you meet them.

Some scholarships are college-specific-meaning they may be offered by a local business or alumni-while others are offered nationally.

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