Sports Scholarships

Sports ScholarshipsNCAA colleges and universities offer more than $1.5 billion in sports scholarships each year, covering a student-athlete’s tuition, fees, room, board and books expenses. Scholarships are gifts from public or private organizations to financially help a student. They do not need to be paid back. Scholarships are offered in different categories, with sports scholarships being one of the most hotly contested scholarships in the country. In effect, athletic scholarships are the hardest to obtain because of competition.

Colleges and universities may offer sports scholarships to students who play football, baseball, basketball, hockey, wrestling, soccer and other sports. However, some institutions may not allow students with sports scholarships to play on their teams because of injury or other conditions. Sometimes showing interest in a particular sport may get you noticed by the coaches to be considered for a sports scholarship. Therefore, it is necessary that students conduct thorough research on the various requirements of obtaining athletic scholarships.

How to Get Sports Scholarship?

scholarshipEven though you have exceptional athletic skills, you may not get the scholarship that you have wanted all along. The key is in finding that one scholarship that suits you the most and for which you qualify for. You can either spend endless hours searching for that one perfect athletic scholarship or let us help you in the search process, helping you find an athletic scholarship for college. Simply visit our website-SimpleTuition-and click on the scholarships widget. The invaluable tool will list all those sports scholarships that you qualify for by various colleges and universities. After that, simply do the paper work (if required) and continue to play at a high level so that you may represent your dream college/university in the sport of your choice.


Scholarships by Extracurricular Activity